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If you are living in the Philippines, then Maya is not something you have not heard about. Maya is an all-in-one solution for all your financial and digital payment dealings.

Maya App
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Maya users can have full control of their money as the motto of Maya is Your Money, Your Way.” Maya can be used for multiple purposes such as:

  • Financial Services
  • Digital Payments

Users can utilize Maya to help grow their assets and business. The company uses the services of the following:

  • Maya Bank, Inc. (for financial services)
  • PayMaya Philippines, Inc. (for digital payments)

This article will help you find out more about the app along with its services and products. 


The Maya app is compatible to be used on all devices. It is available to be downloaded on the following:

Maya App download
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Maya is providing services for everyone. It has something to offer to the consumer as well as the buyer:

Maya CentreMaya Business
PayMayaPayMaya Enterprise
Samrt PadalaPayMaya Negosyo
Maya Bank (financial services provider for all)

According to the reports Maya has around 50 million registered users all over the Philippines. This shows the trust of people in the services Maya is providing.

Maya Products and Services

Maya is a platform where you can fulfill all your financial needs. It offers a variety of services and products such as: 

Products and ServicesDetails
Maya WalletUsers can use Maya Wallet to transfer money to other accounts or banks. It can also be used to pay bills
Maya BusinessThis service has helped many businesses grow and prosper. This allows businessmen to receive online payments
Maya SavingsMaya savings is a great option to save and grow money. The interest rate offered by this company is 4.5% to 6%.
Maya LoansUsers can get loans from Maya in times of need and return the money according to different types of loans
Maya CenterMaya Center is used to receive remittances without any bank account

Maya Account Types

There are different types of accounts on Maya providing different facilities and features such as:

BasicUpgradedSpecial Users
₱50K Monthly Limit₱100K Monthly Limit₱500K Monthly Limit
Receive Money OnlyReceive and Send MoneyReceive and Send Money
No ATM WithdrawalATM Withdrawal AvailableATM Withdrawal Available
No Crypto Investment OptionCrypto Investment OptionCrypto Investment Option

How to Create an Account on Maya?

Creating an account on the Maya app is easy. The task can be completed by anyone.  Follow these steps to create an account on Maya:

Step 1: 

  • Download the Maya app” on your device

Step 2: 

  • Your phone number will be your Maya account number

Step 3: 

  • Launch the app” and ”write down all the required information

Step 4: 

  • Click on the “Agree” option to approve the terms and conditions

Step 5: 

  • Write the verification code” you received on your phone number

Step 6:

  • Click on the “Proceed” option to finalize the process

Step 7:

  • Your “account is ready” to be used

How to Claim Remittance with Maya?

Maya users do not need to go to the bank and stand in lines to claim remittances received from their loved ones. 

Follow these steps to claim remittance with the help of Maya App:

Step 1:      Launch the Maya app on your device
Step 2:Navigate to the “Add Money” option
Step 3:Click on “Western Union” from the list
Step 4:Write down 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
Step 5:Verify the transaction details
Step 6:Click on the “Receive” option
Step 7:Wait for the confirmation message on your phone and app

Link your Cards with the Maya App

Maya allows users to link at least three cards with the Maya App. This will provide you with more access and control over your money.

Users can follow these steps to link the physical card with Maya for more ease and convenience:


  • Open the Maya App” on your device

Step 2: 

  • Navigate to “the Cards: option

Step 3: 

  • Click on the “Link Maya Card” option

Step 4: 

  • Write down all the required information” about the card

Step 5: 

  • After the verification process, “you will be granted the 6-digit PIN Code

Step 6: 

  • Enter the code twice” to make sure there is no error

Step 7: 

  • Your card is linked to Maya” once you get the notification

Step 8: 

  • Use the provided 6-digit PIN Code” for your transactions

Maya Features

Maya is offering amazing features for its users. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Users can send and receive money through Maya
  • It provides the facility to receive remittances on the app
  • There is an option to link physical cards with Maya
  • Users have the facility to shop and pay through the Maya app
  • Opportunity to invest in crypto is offered by the app
  • Getting prepaid load and mobile data is also possible via Maya
  • Multiple types of bills can be paid with the help of Maya
  • Maya can be used all over the world if you have registered in the Philippines
  • Users can invest low amounts of money in national and international companies

Maya FAQs 

Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Maya are as follows:

Q1. What is Maya?

Ans. Maya is an e-wallet that can be used for multiple purposes such as:

  • Cash In
  • Bills Payment
  • Bank Transfer
  • Saving Account
  • Crypto Dealings
  • Claiming Remittances

Q2. Are MayaPay and Maya are same?

Ans. Maya was previously known as MayaPay. Maya comes with more advanced features.

Q3. How many types of loans Maya Bank offers?

Ans. Maya Bank provides different kinds of loans in times of need:

Maya CreditMaya Pay in 4
Maya Flexi LoanMaya Personal Loan

Q4. How to upgrade your Maya account?

Ans. Users can upgrade the Maya account by completing these three easy steps:

  1. Record a Selfie Video
  2. Provide Your Identity Card
  3. Provide all the Required Personal Information

Q5. Is there a limit for Maya transactions?

Ans. Transaction limit depends on the account type. Different types of accounts have different transaction limits:

  • ₱50K Limit for Basic Account
  • ₱100K Limit for Upgraded Account
  • ₱500K Limit for Special Users

Q6. What are the ways to pay money with the help of Maya?

Ans. There are multiple ways to pay money with the help of Maya such as:

• Pay with Maya QR

• Pay with Maya Card

• Pay with Maya Online

Q7. Which Bank is the official Bank of the Maya?

Ans. Maya Bank deals with all the financial services of Maya.

Q8. How to receive remittances through Maya?

Ans. Users need to enter the MTCN on the “Add Money” option of the app to receive remittances through Maya.


The developers of MayaPay rebranded the company with the new name “Maya” in 2022 with many new exciting features

The Maya app is available to download on all types of devices. It is a perfect solution for all financial services. 

Users can use it for paying bills, transferring money, claiming remittances, crypto dealings, etc.

This article provided deep insight into the services and products offered by Maya. We hope you found this helpful. Also read more how to and technology related posts on

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