2 Ways to Permanently Close Flipkart Pay Later Service

2 Ways to Permanently Close Flipkart Pay Later Service
2 Ways to Permanently Close Flipkart Pay Later Service

While the service is available only for eligible customers, some people who have activated the Flipkart Pay Later want to close the service permanently and in this read, you will learn how you can permanently close the Flipkart Pay Later service.

How to Permanently Close Flipkart Pay Later Service?

Flipkart Pay Later is a service by the e-commerce platform which allows users to buy items and pay later for them instead of paying for them at the time of purchase. Flipkart has partnered with IDFC First Bank and once you activate the service, it will also reflect in your CIBIL as a loan from IDFC Bank. For some users, it might be the reason to close or deactivate the service.

Contact Customer Support

You can request for deleting your pay later account by contacting customer support. Below are the steps for doing so.

1. Open the Flipkart website or application and log in to your account if you have not already.

2. Head over to the Flipkart Help Centre page.

3. Scroll through the options and tap on I want help with other issues.

4. On the next screen, tap on Others under Select an issue section then choose Other.

5. Click on Contact Us then you will get an option for Chat or Callback.

6. Choose one option as per your convenience and ask customer service for closing your Flipkart Pay Later account permanently.

Once you do, your Flipkart Pay Later account will be deleted within a month, and it will reflect in your CIBIL as closed in the next 3-4 months.

Mail Flipkart Support

You can also close the account by emailing the Flipkart support team. Follow the below steps to email and describe your issue.

1. Open your email and compose an email to Cs@flipkart.com

2. Write a subject like “Request for closing Flipkart Pay Later” and start composing the mail.

3. You can write something like “Hi, My name is xyz, my Flipkart registered mobile number is xx3x5-6xxx0, I want to close the buy now pay later account. Please help me do so as soon as possible, Thanks”

4. After writing the email, send it and they will contact you for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to remove the Flipkart Pay Later loan from my CIBIL?

Flipkart Pay Later loan will show as IDFC Bank on your CIBIL. To remove it, you first need to close your Pay Later account by following the steps we have mentioned in the article. Once you do, it will be removed from your CIBIL score in the next 3-4 months.

Q. Does Flipkart Pay Later Affect My Cibil Score?

Yes, Flipkart’s Buy Now Pay Later service will affect your CIBIL score as Flipkart has partnerships with IDFC First Bank which gives a loan account to the user for pay later.

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Q. How do I contact Flipkart to close the Buy Now Pay Later service?

Flipkart’s Pay Later service is built-up in partnership with IDFC First Bank. You can contact the Flipkart support team to close your account.

  • Flipkart Customer Care Number: 1800-202-9898
  • Flipkart Customer Care Email: cs@flipkart.com

Wrapping Up: Close Flipkart Pay Later Service

So, this was all about how you can permanently close your Flipkart Pay Later service. I hope the above helped you; if it did, share it with your friends and family.


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