2 Ways to Find Your Liked Items on Amazon

2 Ways to Find Your Liked Items on Amazon
2 Ways to Find Your Liked Items on Amazon

Are you a frequent Amazon buyer who enjoys adding products to your wish list for later purchase? On Amazon, the heart icon allows you to show your affection for a product and add it to your wish list. However, after you’ve hearted or liked something, it can be difficult to find it later. In this article, we’ll show you how you can use the app and website to find your liked items on Amazon.

How To Find Your Liked or Hearted Items on Amazon?

When you come across an item that attracts your attention, simply click the like or heart icon to save it for future reference. Furthermore, if you are unable to add a product to your cart because it is out of stock, you can use this feature to wish list the product.

This tool allows you to create a personalised wish list, making it easy to return to and buy those items later.

On The Amazon App

The steps to find the hearted items or products on the Amazon application is very simple and straightforward.

1. Open the Amazon app on your phone.

2. Click on the Profile (You) tab from the bottom menu.

3. On the next page, tap on Your Lists.

4. Now, you should see all the items you have wish listed.

On The Amazon Website

If you use Amazon’s website on your computer, go through the following steps to find your liked or wish listed items:

1. Open the Amazon website on your computer.

2. Log in to your account if you have not already.

3. Hover the mouse over Account & Lists and select Your Wish List.

Find Your Liked Items on Amazon On The Amazon Website

4. On the next screen, you should see all the products you have liked.

Find Your Liked Items on Amazon On The Amazon Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Delete a Hearted Item From My Wishlist on Amazon?

In order to remove a liked item, find and locate the item you want to remove, tap the three-dot icon next to it, and select Delete.

Q. How Can I Access Liked Items on Amazon?

By following the steps given in this post, you can easily find your wish list products on both the Amazon app and website. To access the list, make sure to sign in to your Amazon account.

Q. Can I Wishlist Items on Amazon Using a Computer?

No, only the Amazon mobile app displays the heart icon. However, you can still like or save stuff on a computer, but the heart icon is not present for this activity; instead, you need to tap on the Add to Wish List button.

Q. Can I Share My Wish List Items With Others?

Yes, you can share your liked items with others. To do so on the Amazon app, go to the Your Lists page and tap on the list you want to share. Tap on the three-dot menu at the top and select Invite to list. Now, choose an action and share the link.

Wrapping Up: Find Your Liked Items on Amazon

By following the steps provided in this article, you will be able to easily access the items you like on Amazon and make your desired purchases, whether you are on your mobile device or on your computer. I hope you find this article helpful; if so, share it with your friends and family.


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