Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone

Call Recording Apps for iPhone


Call Recording is one of the best ways to keep the memories of conversations with loved ones safe.

Whenever you miss your friends and family you have the option to listen to the call records and cherish those precious moments.

This article will provide numerous call recording apps along with their pros and cons. So, why the wait? Let’s start!

What is Call Recorder Apps?

There are a variety of call recording tools available out there but the question arises what are call recorder apps and what is the purpose of these apps?

These tools/apps can be used to record the exchange of words between two people over a phone call. 

Call recorder software can be used for multiple tasks such as:

  • Collecting Evidence Against Someone
  • Preserving Memories with Loved Ones
  • Documenting Agreements and Promises
  • Keeping Track of Significant Conversations

Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone

Apple has a strict policy relating to security and privacy. They do not permit all kinds of tools/apps on their devices keeping in mind the security and privacy of the users.

The developers need to work hard to create tools and apps that are according to the standards of Apple Inc.

There are many options available on the Apple Store for this purpose but most of them lack at some features. 

Some of the apps are paid and users need to pay hefty amounts to use them. Some consist of disturbing advertisements.

We have brought a list of the best call-recording tools/apps along with their features and pros/cons.

The 10 Best Call Recording Apps for iPhone

Here are the top 10 call-recording apps for iPhone users:


Figure 1

The Notta app has the ability to change the conversation on the call into text with precision. Users can edit the transcription and translate it into more than a hundred languages.

If you are unable to understand the language on a phone call, then Notta can come to the rescue. 

  • Compatibility
  • It is compatible to be used on iOS 11.0+ devices.


  • Record inbound and outbound calls on the device
  • Transliterate call recordings into text in over 100 languages
  • Notta uses Amazon Web Services encryption to store the recordings
  • Recordings can be exported in various versions such as TXT, EXCEL, WORD, PDF, SRT, or audio
  • Users can share the recordings on multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, SMS, Email, etc.
Secure service to store recordingsTwo devices are needed to record call
Convert speech into text with 98% accuracyNot compatible with all devices
Transcribe the text of the call in numerous languages


Figure 2

Users need to enter a code received on the phone number once they install the Rev app. It is a fast way to record calls. The recording can be listened to after download.

Users have the option to buy more features in this app by spending Rev Credits. It has over a million users.


• It is compatible to be used on iOS 10.0+ devices.


  • Recordings can be shared as an mp3 file with others
  • Users can play recordings of phone calls at multiple speeds like 1x, 1.5x, and .75x
  • Options like skipping forward and backward are available while listening to the recordings
The app is user-friendlyExpensive Rev Credits for buying more features
The quality of recordings is high
Start using right after installation

Cube ACR

Figure 3

Cube ACR provides a complete tutorial to new users after they download the app. Users need to pay a subscription before enjoying all the features.

It provides multiple recording options such as:

  • Voice Memo
  • Record a Contact
  • Record a Number


  • It is compatible to be used on iOS 15.0+devices


  • Users can share the recordings with friends and family
  • Incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded at convenience
  • Recordings can be kept in a folder with a password/face ID for secrecy
  • It has a voice memo facility that lets users record any sound like a song or a lecture, etc.
Free trial available Subscription is necessary to avail features
Built-in editor for recordingsThree- way call is required for recording
Cloud backups are available
Password for protecting the privacy

TapeACall Pro

Figure 4

TapeACall Pro is super easy to use with lots of amazing features. There is no limit to recordings as users can record unlimited calls.

Users can start the recording even in between the ongoing phone calls with just one tap. It does not offer transcription services.


  • The TapeACall Pro app is compatible to be used with iOS 11.2+


  • Inbound and outbound call recordings are available
  • Recordings can be played even in the background of other apps
  • The recordings can be shared on other platforms by just clicking on the Share button
Simple and user-friendly appIt does not have a transcription feature
Unlimited recordings available
No internet connection required
Accessibility to 24/7 customer support

Google Voice

Figure 5

Users need to create a Google Workspace account for recording both incoming and outgoing calls. The automatic recording feature can also be turned on.

If the automatic feature is not on then press the four-number key to start the recording.


  • The tool can be used on iOS 14.0+ versions


  • Automatic recording facility is available 
  • Users can share the recordings on other platforms
Spam filter availableGoogle Workspace account is required for advanced feature
Free incoming call recording
Quick start of call recording by just pressing a button

Automatic Call Recorder

Figure 6

Automatic Call Recorder users can call directly from the app and the recording will start automatically.

The subscription can be attained easily for just $12.99 for a month. Users can even look at a tutorial by clicking on the Tutorial Tab.


  • The Automatic Call Recorder app is compatible to be used with iOS 10.0+


  • This app supports cloud backups
  • Users can avail unlimited recording facility
  • Reassuring customer support available 24/7
3-day free trialLittle expensive
User-friendly app
Direct calling from the app

Call Reorder iCall

Figure 7

iPhone users can opt for Call Recorder iCall app for a fast and easy recording process. This app can be used with a VPN service.  The subscription cost of this app is 

  • $7.99 per week 
  • $49.99 per year


• The app can be utilized on iOS 14.0+ versions


• Unlimited call recording

• No fixed length of calls

• Transcribe and manage recordings

• Archives incoming as well as outgoing calls

VPN service includedHigh price for a weekly subscription
Lengthy recording duration available

Call Recorder Lite

Figure 8

The basic features of the app Call Recorder Lite can be availed even without a subscription. Users need to get a subscription to have full access to the call recording.


• The app is compatible to be used on iOS 14.0+


 • The app is available in dark mode for ease of eyes

• Users can share call recordings through SMS, Email, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.

• The recordings can be listened in numerous playback speeds such as .75x, 1x, 1.5x, 1.75x

Call recording is available on the free versionCannot access the recordings without a subscription
The app can play call recording audio in the background of other apps

Call Recorder App

Figure 9

The Call Recorder App has over one million users. It is one of the top apps for recording calls. It also comes with a voice memo that can be used to record anything other than calls.

It can be accessed even without the internet connection on your device. It also allows users to transcribe the speech into text.


• The tool can be used on iOS 12.0+ versions


  • Change the conversation in the recordings to text
  • Unlimited recording available for Call Recorder App
  • Send the call recordings via Email and WhatsApp
3-day free trialTranscription accuracy is low
Internet not needed
Voice recorder feature included
Passcode on the recordings for privacy


Figure 10

The RecMyCalls tool can be used to record conference calls as well as personal calls. The recordings are high in quality.

It comprises of transcription feature with a very high precision rate. The subscription fee is as follows:

  • For one week $7.99
  • For one Year $49.99


• RecMyCalls is compatible to be used on iOS 14.0+


• Users can record the receiving calls along with outgoing calls

• Users can edit the recordings using the inbuilt editor

High-quality call recordingsHigh price for a weekly subscription
Accurate transcriptions of the speech

FAQs – Best Call Recording apps for iPhone

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Best Call Recording apps for iPhone:

Q1. Can I record a phone call on my iPhone?

Ans. Yes, various call-recording tools and apps can be used to record calls on iPhones.

Q2. Is there an automatic call recorder for iPhone?

Ans. Because of security and privacy risks, Apple Inc. doesn’t allow automatic call recorder apps and tools.

Q3. What is the easiest call recorder on an iPhone?

Ans. TapeACall Pro is one of the most user-friendly apps for call recording on iPhone.

Q4. What is the best iPhone app to record phone calls?

Ans. Some of the top iPhone apps to record phone calls are as follows:

• Notta

• Rev

• Cube ACR

• Google Voice

• TapeACall Pro

• Call Recorder iCall

• Call Recorder Lite

• Automatic Call Recorder


Multiple apps and tools for recording calls are available. Some of them are free and some need a subscription. 

Most of these apps use three-ways calls to record the conversation. Some of them also transcribe the speech into text.

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