2 Ways to Upload Certificates on LinkedIn

2 Ways to Upload Certificates on LinkedIn
2 Ways to Upload Certificates on LinkedIn

Do you want to improve your LinkedIn profile and make it stand out in a crowded professional landscape? One excellent method is to display your achievements and experience through certificates. By including relevant certificates in your profile, you not only prove your knowledge, but you also attract the attention of possible employers, clients, and collaborators. In this article, you will learn how you can upload certificates on LinkedIn.

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Why You Should Add Certificates to Your Profile?

The purpose of including certificates on your LinkedIn profile goes beyond self-congratulation. It’s an intelligent decision that can have a huge impact on your employment search.

When recruiters and hiring managers search LinkedIn or their applicant tracking systems (ATS) for potential candidates, your certifications can serve as keywords that catch their interest. By including these certificates in your profile, you will be more visible in their search results.

Additionally, your pursuit of independent education demonstrates your real enthusiasm for your field as well as your unwavering motivation to continue learning, a behavior that employers like to see.

How to Upload Certificates on LinkedIn?

At its simplest, a certificate serves as evidence of the completion of a specific goal. This could include completing a course or series of classes effectively or proving skill in a certain field. Beyond what appears, your credentials reflect your dedication, commitment, and desire to succeed.

For instance, following the completion of a course on LinkedIn Learning, you are awarded a certificate confirming your accomplishment. These certifications not only demonstrate your enthusiasm for continual improvement but also indicate your desire to improve your professional knowledge.

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1. Open the LinkedIn website in a browser.

2. Log in to your account if you have not already.

3. Click on the Me icon at the top and select View Profile.

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4. On your profile, tap on the Add Profile section.

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5. Tap on the Recommended drop-down and select Add licenses & certifications.

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6. Enter the asked details, like the title of the certification, the issuing company or organization, your credential ID, and a certificate URL (if applicable). If the certification does not expire, provide a box instead of the issue date and expiration date.

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7. After filling in the details, tap the Save button.

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From The Mobile App

1. Open the LinkedIn app and tap on the profile icon at the top.

2. Select View profile from the menu, then tap on the Add section.

3. Click on Recommended, then choose Add licenses & certifications.

4. Enter the certification details and tap the Save button.

Wrapping Up: Upload Certificates on LinkedIn

So, this was all about how you can upload certificates on LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn’s “Licenses & Certifications” section to highlight your achievements is a clever strategy to accomplish this. You may attract the interest of potential employers, clients, and partners by properly highlighting your skills. I hope you find this article helpful; if so, share it with your friends and family.


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