2 Ways to Show Battery Percentage on MIUI

2 Ways to Show Battery Percentage on MIUI
2 Ways to Show Battery Percentage on MIUI

Do you want to enable the battery level percent in the status bar on your Xiaomi or Poco phones running on the MIUI version? If so, in this read, you will learn how you can show battery percentage on MIUI. Meanwhile, you will see how to enable or disable battery percentage on Google Pixel phones.

How to Show Battery Percentage on MIUI?

Enabling battery levels in percent helps users check how much percentage of their battery they have left on their MIUI phone, making it easier for people to know whether they need to plug their phone in for charging or not. Today, this guide will help show or hide the battery level on the handsets running MIUI skins.

On Phones Below MIUI 12

If your phone is running MIUI 12 or below, then you can easily enable the battery level on your phone.

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.

2. Navigate to Display and tap Notch & Status Bar under the System section.

3. Here, you will see the Battery indicator option under the Status Bar; tap on it.

4. Finally, select the indicator you want to see except Graphical.

On Phones Above MIUI 12

If your handset is running MIUI 12 or above, then the steps to show the battery level on the status bar are a little different. Below are the steps by which you can enable it.

1. Go to Settings > Display.

2. Scroll down and tap on the Control Centre and Notifications shade.

3. Under the Status Bar section, tap the Battery indicator.

4. Now, select the graphics you want to show on the status bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Hide or Disable Battery Percentage on Mi Phones?

To hide the battery percentage on Xiaomi phones, you need to select the Graphical indicator on the status bar section.

Q. How do I enable Battery Percentage if the option is not showing?

If you are not able to find the option to enable Battery Percentage on a Xiaomi or Poco phone, then you need to search for Battery Indicator in the Settings app, and once you do, change and select a battery indicator that has a percentage.

Wrapping Up: Show Battery Percentage on MIUI

So, this was all about showing battery level or percentage on MIUI versions. I hope the above article helped you; share it with your friends and family if it did.

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