How to Use Smytten Wallet Money (2024) Easy Steps

Use Smytten Wallet Money

Smytten is an Indian e-commerce platform where consumers can buy a huge variety of top-quality beauty, grooming, and personal care products.

They have introduced new categories like: 

  • Health and Wealth (Health Supplements)
  • Audio and Tech Accessories (Headphones, Speakers, Phone Accessories)
  • Kitchen and Home Essentials (Candles, Aroma Essential Oils, Decor Items)

The shipping fee is transferred into your Smytten Wallet as a cashback scheme. 

Users can use money from their Smytten wallet for a worry-free shopping experience from the e-platform. 

How to Use Smytten Wallet Money?

Stop worrying if you already have a Smytten account, follow these steps to learn how to use Smytten Wallet:

Ways to use Smytten Wallet Money
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Step 1: Logging in to your Smytten Account

Go to the official Smytten website smyttenand log in to your account by writing your registered email and password.

If you are a new user, then you can create a new account by clicking on the “Sign Up” option 

Step 2: Adding Products to your Cart

Explore the wide range of categories available on the platform and add the desired products to your cart by tapping on the “Add to Cart” option.

Step 3: Proceeding to Checkout

Once you are done with the shopping and have added all the anticipated products to your cart, click on “Proceed to Checkout”.

Consumers will be able to see the total amount, discount amount, shipping fee, and other information.

Step 4: Selecting Smytten Wallet as your Payment Option

Once you click on proceed to check out the Smytten platform will ask for the payment method of your choice. 

There are multiple payment methods such as:

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Net Banking
  • Smytten Wallet

Select the “Smytten Wallet” option as your payment method.

Step 5: Entering the Amount from your Smytten Wallet

Write the amount of money you want to deduct from your Smytten Wallet in the provided space and click on the “Apply” button. It may ask you for the verification code sent to your registered phone number.

Step 6: Confirming your Order and Complete the Payment

Click on the “Place Order” option to finalize the order. The total deducted amount will display on your screen along with any remaining balance amount you need to pay.

How to Use Smytten Wallet Money (2024)? – FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about How to Use Smytten Wallet:

Q1. What is a Smytten wallet?

Ans. Smytten Wallet is an e-wallet service specifically for shopping from

Q2. How does Smytten wallet work?

Ans. Whenever users buy any product the shipping charges are credited into the Smytten Wallet as a cashback. These credits can only be used for shopping on the Smytten platform. 

Q3. How do I transfer the wallet amount to my bank account?

Ans. The Smytten Wallet amount cannot be transferred to any bank account. It can only be utilized while shopping on

Q4. Can I use my Smytten wallet money for all purchases on the platform?

Ans. Smytten Wallet Money can be utilized for all types of transactions on the Smytten platform such as:

• Products Cost

• Shipping Charges

• Subscription Plans

Q5. Can I use my Smytten wallet money along with another payment method?

Ans. Smytten allows users to combine other payment methods with Smytten Wallet to pay the total amount of shopping.

Q6. Is there a limit to the amount of Smytten wallet money I can use for a purchase?

Ans. There is no limitation on how much you can spend. It depends on you to spend all the money present in the wallet or a chunk from it.

Q7. I am not able to view my wallet balance anymore. What do I do?

Ans. The credits available in your Smytten account expire after 60 days. Consumers need to utilize the credits before the expiration date.


Smytten has created hype all over India with its amazing e-wallet service. Everyone is pondering how to use the Smytten Wallet.

This article provided you with a chance to learn about how to shop using Smytten Wallet. We hope you found this helpful.

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