How to completely crash a PC in just few minutes

crash a PC in just few minutes

As a tech blogger, I am totally against of intentionally crashing a PC. Crashing a PC intentionally is totally unethical and illegal and can cause serious damage to PC, data on hardisk or can also put security at risk. However if someone wanted to do it here are the steps. 

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Type %0|%0
  3. Save the file to your PC Desktop as something.bat.
  4. Now close Notepad
  5. Open the file which you saved earlier.

By following these steps you have created a batch file that will create a loop by opening the file  itself again and again, thus making the computer unusable after few seconds and after few minutes it will crash. This is also known as “fork bomb”. 

But this technique of crashing the computer is not permanent. After restarting the computer, PC will again work fine.

To make PC permanently crash you need to add the saved file to the Startup folder: “ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” or In the registry using RegEdit.exe.

By adding file to the registry or startup folder it will auto open whenever you start your PC. It will again crash and then again reboot, then again crash and so on, Thus it is permanently crashed.

How to Fix permanently crash on PC?

We recommend to replace operating system if you facing this issue or checkout local hardware mechanic for it so remove that file from directory or in registry.

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