What Does DTB Meaning in Chat?

What Does DTB Meaning in Chat
What Does DTB Meaning in Chat

Are you unaware of the most common slang that prevails on social media, i.e., DTB? Do not get too confused with this slang, as it has different meanings, and it depends on people how to use it. Different people use this slang in different ways; people find it in different situations, and they opt for the DTB accordingly. Here, in this article, you will see the different DTB meanings of the slans. Move with the article and see what does DTB meaning in chat and what seems best to you in your situation.

What Does Different DTB Meaning in Chat?

Some common meanings of the DTB on social media platforms are discussed here below; you can see them and choose the one that fits your situation. Use them and have fun with your friends. Let us see:

Don’t Text Back

DTB is a slang term used for Don’t Text Back text. If you are not in the mood to talk or do not want to reply to them and want to spend time alone, you can use this slang. This simply means do not disturb. When you don’t want anyone to text, you can use this slang.

Down to Business

DTB is also used for Down-To-Business. This slang generally indicates the focus of a person on a given work or task. This slang can be used professionally on Instagram when a person is assigning work to another person or talking about their business. So, when you see this term on a professional basis while chatting with a business profile person, simply understand that it is related to your business.

Don’t Trust Boys

DTB is also used as a cautionary message. This simply means a warning message is given when someone warns you about boys and not to trust them easily. It can happen when someone hates boys or has some bad experiences with them. You can use this to make them aware of boys.

Dios Te Bendiga

DTB is also used as a blessing. Dios Te Bendiga is a Spanish word that means God Bless You. You can use this slang for giving wishes to someone on their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. Make sure they know the meaning of this word because it is in the Spanish language. If they are not aware of this word, then you can text them with its meaning. It will help them be aware of this particular slang. And in the future, they can also use it in their own way.

Dare To Believe

DTB can also be used to motivate someone. It means you dare to believe. While chatting, if your friend is feeling too demotivated, you can use this to motivate him or her. You encourage him or her by using this phrase in a sentence. Remember, your words can change someone’s life sometimes. So, freely use this slang with proper sentence formation and make your friend feel boosted.

Don’t Trust Bitches

The common word DTB used in the chat is considered Don’t Trust Bitches. As it specifies the female category, when someone is new on chat and you mention it to your friend, you can use this common phrase. Especially, it will help you in conversing with your friends’ friends. Feel free to use such types of abbreviations on the social platform, as these are the common phrases that become common on the platforms.

Drink The Brew

People also use this phrase in their lives, irrespective of chat, like Drink The Brew. This meaning can also be used in the chat. This slang here means that one gets drunk in a very huge amount. When someone is drunk heavily at a party, they especially use this phrase while texting their girlfriends or friends. You can also use this phrase when you are in the same situation. Well, it seems perfect to use this phrase and move back to your party.

Ditch That Bitch

The one common phrase that prevails over the social platform is also Ditch That Bitch. Specifically, it is a phrase that is used when you are no longer interested in your partner. And you wanted to get rid of her. So, while talking and sharing your views with your friends, they might use Ditch That Bitch. In such a case, this slang will help you know its meaning, and you can also use this slang when chatting with your friend.

Down To Bounce

The phrase has its meaning when you are no longer interested in the event in which you are present. You can use it in a way that lets us bounce back from this party. Specifically, this phrase refers to when you are ready to leave the place without offending anyone. You can use this phrase in chats, like when you are setting an example of someone’s party. The slang will help you in contexting your way.

How to Use DTB?

You can use DTB on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. These abbreviations are helpful only when you are using social media sites. Because these are the informal conversation chats that only get fixed to the informal meetings. Ensure that you are not going to use such phrases in your formal meetings.

  • DTB seems perfect when you use it in the meaning of Dios Te Bendiga as a comment on someone’s birthday post. It will show how much you are conscious of the person. It will be a perfect comment to give on such occasions.
  • Use DTB in chats if you no longer want to talk with a specific person. You can use it like Don’t Text Back.
  • You can use DTB when you are busy.
  • The slang DTB also fits best when you fight with your friend, and you never want him to text you back.

Final Words: DTB Meaning in Chat

Here, you have seen the different meanings of the DTB. Different meanings show the usage of the particular slang. So, you can use it in the way in which you are present. As it happens, if a person is in a different situation irrespective of the chats, you can take the best advantage of the particular slang.


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