10 Mind Blowing AI Writing tool you should try in 2024

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AI-powered tools have revolutionized the content creation world in the past couple of years. The introduction of AI Writing Tools has transformed the whole procedure of writing. Producing quality content is no more taking hours and days. Here we have researched 10 best AI writing tools that actually work.

10 Best AI Tools for Writing in 2024

There are hundreds of AI apps/tools for writing on the internet. All the tools come with distinctive features, strengths, and limitations.

Analyzing which tool is best according to the needs and requirements of the job among a huge list of tools is itself a difficult task.

Here is the list of the top 10 AI tools for writing. Users can decide on picking up a tool based on the below information:

1. Nifty

Nifty can help improve team productivity by creating collaboration between them.  The project manager can see the performance of the whole team on one screen for more clarity and to encourage teamwork.


  • Input description and receive complete project output.
  • Computerize status reporting and milestones of tasks and each team member


There are a variety of subscription plans:

  • Free Plan (with limited features)
  • Starter Plan: Starting charges are $5 per user
  • Pro Plan: Starting charges are $10 per user
  • Business plan: Starting charges are $16 per user

2. ClickUp

ClickUp can be used to achieve multiple tasks in a fast way. A variety of tasks can be done within a minute such as:

  • Produce Outlines
  • Create Documents
  • Summarize Meeting Notes


  • There are more than 10 customizable views of the app.
  • Mind Maps: This feature lets users create a road line of tasks
  • ClickUp Docs: Users can comment on the tasks and performance of team members.
  • Visual widgets: This feature can bring all things together on one screen for a clearer view


  • Free Version: with limited features
  • Business Plan: It costs $12 per month for each member.
  • Unlimited Plan: It costs $7 per month for each member.


  • There are multiple reports about technical faults and glitches in this app. After all, it is a machine.

3. Monday

Monday AI tool can help make your life easier with its amazing features. It can streamline all your work so you can complete the tasks on the go.


  • Provide the outline and Monday will generate a complete text 
  • It consists of a text editor that can rephrase the text within seconds
  • Long articles can be summarized in a paragraph for quick understanding
  • Emails can be composed using Monday by picking from hundreds of email templates


  • Free Plan: Limited features
  • Basic Plan: $24 for a month per person
  • Standard Plan: $30 for a month per person
  • Pro Plan: $48 for a month per person

4. Chat-GPT

It is one of the most convenient and popular AI tools. Users can access the Chabot by visiting the website or download the app.

Numerous tasks can be generated from Chat-GPT in most human-like languages such as:

  • Write Essays
  • Generate Marketing Ideas
  • Transcribe Full-fledged Blogs


  • Voice commands can be given to the Chat-GBT tool for tasks
  • It can generate images according to the provided description
  • It can generate amazing ideas and content within a short time


  • Free Plan: basic features are available for free
  • ChatGPT Plus: The Plus Plan costs $20/month for more advanced features

5. Copy.ai

Copy.ai tool helps generate numerous types of content from short posts to long blogs. It assist users in the process of brainstorming


  • Copy.ai has a feature that can write human-like text if you provide a description
  • Users can select from around 100 templates of different kinds of written content


• Free Plan: It costs nothing to use the basic features of the tool

• Pro Plan: Pro Plan costs $36 per month

• Team Plan: Team plan subscription is $186 per month

• Growth Plan: The Growth Plan of Copy.ai is for $1000/month

• Scale Plan: It costs $3000 per month for a Scale Plan that is billed yearly

6. Jasper

Users can use this AI tool for business purposes. It can be thought of as writing quality content according to:

  • Context
  • Description
  • Tone of Voice


  • Jasper allows users to create images from the provided description
  • It can transfer a small summarized depiction into a complete marketing campaign


• Creator Plan: $39 per month

• Teams Plan: $99 per month

7. Attract

Attract is a great AI tool for HR teams. It can assist them in finding people who are best for the job. It makes the process of hiring the perfect candidate much easier.


  • The software finds the suitable person for the task from millions of profiles from the world
  • It searches and provides complete information about the potential employee for clear vision

8. Textio

Textio is a great solution for finding employees who are picture-perfect for the jobs. It helps HR teams in recruitment and enrollment of people from around the globe.


  • It creates the job description so people can apply
  • It finds the applications of potential recruits best for the job
  • It also generates data relating how many people are in the pipeline for jobs

9. HiredScore

HiredScore go through job seeking profiles from multiple platforms and brings the best possible candidates on the table.

It is the best tool that allows fair recruitment without any bias or shaming.


  • The screening process in this tool is fast and quick without any error
  • HiredScore has a built-in data analyzer that helps in finding competent employees

10. BlackBox

BlackBox is the perfect software for people involved in programming and coding. It can find and locate errors in the coding. 

Multiple programming languages are supported such as:

• Go

• Ruby

• Python

• JavaScript

• TypeScript


  • It is available in more than twenty coding languages
  • It can detect problems and solutions to programming mistakes and errors


Prices are reasonable and there are a variety of plans:

• Free Plan: $0

• Student Plan: $0.99cpercweek

• Pro Plan: $1.99 per week

• Teams Plan: $2.49 per week

FAQs – Best AI tools for Writing in 2024

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Best AI tools for Writing in 2024:

Q1. What are the best AI tools for 2024?

Ans. Some of the best AI tools for 2024 are as follows:

• Splunk

• Sisense

• IBM Cognos Analytics

• Qlik Analytics Platform

• Salesforce Einstein Analytics Platform

Q2. What is the most advanced AI writing tool?

Ans. The top AI writing tool according to reports is Jasper.

Q3. What is the future of AI writing tools?

Ans. The future of AI writing tools is as bright as the sun. The demand is increasing day by day.

The AI-powered writing tools help creators produce top-quality content without any effort.


Artificial Intelligence is conquering all aspects of our daily routine. AI writing tools are facilitating writers and content creators in a great way.

The article writers used to write in hours can be covered by AI in minutes or even seconds. However, nothing comes near to the human brain.

After all, they are created by humans. There are still chances of glitches and errors when it comes to machines and software.

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