5 Ways To Fix Green Line Issue on OnePlus

5 Ways To Fix Green Line Issue on OnePlus
5 Ways To Fix Green Line Issue on OnePlus

Are you seeing a green line on your OnePlus phone’s display? The green line can appear anywhere on the screen, and it can be permanent or intermittent. Many OnePlus users have reported this issue, which can be a significant annoyance. Are you too irritated by this? If yes, don’t worry because, in this article, you will learn how you can fix the green line issue on OnePlus.

How To Fix The OnePlus Green Line Issue On Display?

Restart your OnePlus

Begin by giving your OnePlus smartphone a fresh start. Just press the power button until you see the restart option. Tap on Restart or Reboot, and that’s all.

Once it restarts, see if the green line is still appearing. If it has vanished, you’re all set. If not, don’t worry; you can follow the other methods.

Update Software

It seems that the problem might be linked to a software update. Although we’re unsure about the exact relationship between the issue and the software update, it’s worth a shot to update your software and see if that resolves the problem. Here are the steps for updating software:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Go to the About Device section.

3. See if there is any update. And if there is, move ahead with updating the software.

Restart in Safe Mode

When you start your phone in safe mode, it will have limited services and apps. If the green line problem is caused by software, you will not see it in Safe mode. To boot your phone into safe mode, follow the instructions described below.

1. Long-press the Power button until the Power Menu appears.

2. Once the menu appears, press and hold the Power Off option, and you will receive a pop-up that says Reboot to safe mode. Press OK to proceed.

3. Once your phone is in safe mode, check to see whether the problem persists.

4. If the green line disappears when using the phone in safe mode, it’s a software issue that can be resolved with a simple factory reset.

Factory Reset

If you didn’t see a green line in safe mode, there is a high chance it’s a software issue, and you can try resetting it to fix it. A factory reset is the last method that you can try on your own. Here’s how to erase all data from your OnePlus:

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Search for Factory Reset using the search bar.

3. Click on the Reset Phone or Erase All Data option.

4. Choose Erase All Data and enter the password of your device.

5. Lastly, confirm the action.

Visit The Service Center

The previously mentioned methods were intended to spare you the inconvenience of visiting a OnePlus service center if the issue could be resolved through those measures.

However, if these steps do not effectively resolve the issue, the final solution would be to visit the service center.

OnePlus has proactively addressed this particular issue found in their smartphones by providing free screen replacements for all users encountering this problem, regardless of whether their device’s warranty has lapsed.

For phones that are still within their warranty period, you can follow the regular procedure for submitting a request. Simply ensure you have your purchase receipt and the device in question when you visit the service center.

Points to remember to maximize your chances of receiving the free screen replacement:

  • Your phone mustn’t exhibit any physical damage: Even if your phone is under warranty, service centers might decline the free replacement if they observe any signs of scratches or physical harm.
  • If you utilize a screen protector, removing it before visiting the service center is advisable: This can prevent any potential blame from being placed on the screen protector for the issue, resulting in a denial of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Exactly Is The OnePlus Green Line Problem?

The OnePlus Green Line problem can be defined by the appearance of a thin vertical or horizontal green line on the display of OnePlus devices, particularly those with AMOLED panels. This line begins as a minor nuisance but can grow over time, rendering a significant chunk of the screen unusable.

Q. What Causes The OnePlus Green Line Issue?

A number of reasons could be responsible for the problem. While drops or water exposure can cause hardware damage, recent reports suggest that OnePlus software updates may also play a role. The green line appeared for some users shortly after installing software upgrades.

Q. Can I Fix the OnePlus Green Line Issue On My Own?

Before getting assistance from a technician, you can try a few troubleshooting measures. To diagnose the problem, restart your smartphone, update the OnePlus software, and even restart the phone in Safe Mode. If these methods do not resolve the issue, it is recommended that you visit a OnePlus service center.

Q. Are There Specific OnePlus Models Affected By The Green Line Issue?

No, the problem became more obvious following the OxygenOS 13 update. Models running on this version were commonly affected, whether it’s the OnePlus 7 Series or the latest OnePlus 11 Series.

(Resolved) Green Line Issue on OnePlus

So this is what you can do to sort out the green line problem on your OnePlus. The first four methods are the ones that you can follow to avoid going to the service center. But if you want the screen replaced, you can visit there.

And If the service center dismisses your issue and declines the offer of a free screen replacement despite the absence of physical damage, you can reach out to OnePlus support for further assistance.

Additionally, you can leverage social media platforms like Twitter (now X) to bring attention to the matter. Consider tagging all relevant OnePlus handles in your tweet for improved chances of effectiveness.


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  1. The instructions given above are not available in the device settings , e.g the appearance of pop up message while pressing the power button for while and restarting in safe mode. These are the failures we faced while following the instructions.

  2. OnePlus 8T many green lines came one by one within 10 days

    Have to replace the screen

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